.Jr. m Morning Kimborough had: Abraham, Jacob b 1714?, James , Isaac, John, Joseph,William?. James m Elizabeth _________ whose 2nd husband was Mr. Deason. Possibly your Church? She would be some generations from the...
Name: Morning Mourning Kimborough Kimbrough, BET 1689 AND 1705 - ?, <- 9 
Birth at Surrey County; VA; USA
Marriage to William Little//
1685 - 1 Mar 1756 [26] http://spotisadog.wordpress.com/2010/05/23/william-spiller-died-ca-1774-king-william-co-virginia/1689 and died March 1,1756 in Beauford county N.C.
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# Name: Morning KIMBOROUGH 
# Birth: 1705 in Surry, VA 

Named in William's will. Surname provided by David Law (to Jane M. Lindsay).

She was married to William LITTLE. It is likely that Morning is not the mother of Abraham, Isaac, and Jane. William's will gives Abraham the land where he now lives, Isaac only a pot, and Jane the right to live where she is now living. He makes other specific requests to Jacob and John. He then gives the balance to Morning as long as she lives and then to be divided between his youngest 5 sons. I believe this indicates these are Morning's children and the other three are not.

Children were: Abraham LITTLE, Isaac LITTLE Sr., Jane LITTLE, Jacob LITTLE, William LITTLE, James LITTLE, Joseph LITTLE, John LITTLE.
Marriage 1 William LITTLE , Jr. b: 1682 in Surry County, VA

* Married: in Surry Co., Virginia 1


1. Has Children Abraham LITTLE b: BET 1715 AND 1720
2. Has Children William LITTLE III b: ABT 1720 in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
3. Has Children Joseph LITTLE b: ABT 1726 in Pitt Co., NC
4. Has Children Jane LITTLE b: ABT 1728 in Surry Co., VA
5. Has Children Isaac LITTLE , Sr. b: BEF 1735
6. Has Children Jacob LITTLE b: BEF 1735
7. Has Children James LITTLE b: BEF 1735
8. Has Children John LITTLE b: BEF 1735 in Surry County, VA ?


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1689 and died March 1,1756 in Beauford county N.C. Hello Morning Kimbrough was born in Surry Virginia. Her father was Rappahannock also Soloman John Kimbrough mother was Cherokee Nmn. She was my 8th grand mother she has a lot of native american on her side through both parents. There were a lot of Littles born in Surry Co Virginia as well. I live 25mins from Surry Co Virginia. I have some info on both familys please email me if I can help.

Born in Virginia, USA on 1701. Morning married William Little and had 6 children. She passed away on 1755 in Beaufort, South Carolina, USA. bore: * James Little
* Jane Little
* Abraham Little
* Isaac Little
* Jacob Little
* Joseph Little
urther evidence is provided by processioning entries in the St. Paul’s vestry book. In 1708 the lands of Abraham Cook, James Knuckles, John Kimbrough, Thomas Bradley, and Henry Bowe “lying adjacent to one another” were processioned. [23] [Henry Bowe and John Kimbrough Jr. were also among the helpers assigned to Abraham Cook in 1707.] On 26 February 1711/2 the report for the processioning of this same land was returned by Abraham Cook and William Merriwether acting as overseers for their precinct.[24] This time, the adjoining landowners were William Merriwether, Stephen and John Raglin, Francis Rhodes, John Mahone, Thomas Peak, Henry Bowe, William Walker, and John Anderson. From patents and later processioning records, it appears that Abraham Cook’s land was on or near Crump’s Creek in the eastern part of present Hanover County.[25] He must have moved not long thereafter. On 10 October 1719, Abraham Cook and Edward Garland were appointed overseers for the processioning of their precinct, which included the lands of Abraham Cook, William Cook, William Meriwether, John Harris, Edward Garland, Thomas Barlow, John Kimbrough (the former Jr.), John Whatley, and John Harris. [26] They made their report on 18 March 1720, mentioning a dispute over the lines of John Harris and John Kimbrough which was later resolved by a parish court. [27] That record tells us that Cook’s land was a different plot of land entirely from that processioned in 1708 and 1711, located several miles to the northwest.[28] There are no further Cook references in the vestry book.

The land processioned in 1719 was two contiguous patents on the North Anna River, both issued on 14 July 1718. The first patent was for 300 acres on the North Anna River bordering Robert Walker.[29] The second patent was a combined headright and fee patent for the transportation of three persons[30] totaling 204 acres in New Kent County on the North Anna River and Beaverdam Creek.[31] Both patents were for land on the south bank of the North Anna River in St. Paul’s Parish, and were clearly contiguous. This was obviously the land processioned in 1719, several miles west of his earlier land. The North Anna River is a fork of the Pamunkey starting midway in present-day Hanover County, and forms the later border between western Hanover to the south and Caroline to the north. A bit further west, it forms the border between Louisa to the south and Spottsylvania to the north. Both land grants to Abraham Cook would have been on the Hanover County side of the river a few miles east of the border of present-day Louisa County.
Beaufort, Carteret County, North Carolina, United StatesJohn KIMBROUGH - b. 1661, England; d. 1750, New Kent Co., VA. Son of John KIMBROUGH and Mary DOUGLAS. Married in 1698, New Kent Co., VA.

Elizabeth BRADLEY - b. 1663, New Kent Co., VA; d. after 1750, New Kent Co., VA. Daughter of Thomas BRADLEY and Elizabeth

Children of John and Elizabeth Kimbrough

Rebecka - b. Aug. 10, 1699, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA.
John - bap. Dec. 21, 1701, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1765, Louisa Co., VA. Will dated Jun. 27, 1758 and proved Aug. 12, 1765 in Louisa Co., VA. Married about 1728 to Elizabeth SPILLER, daughter of William SPILLER. Children of John and Elizabeth KIMBROUGH: John married; and William.
Mary - bap. Jan. 30, 1703/4, New Kent County, VA. She perhaps married John WILKINS of Spotsylvania Co., VA.
Thomas - b. about 1707, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1777, Caswell Co., NC. Will dates Sep. 25, 1777 and prove at the Dec. Court 1777, Caswell Co., NC. Married Eleanor GRAVES (b. about 1721, Spotsylvania Co., VA; d. about 1785, Caswell Co., NC), daughter of Thomas GRAVES and Sarah Ann DAVENPORT.
Marmaduke - b. about 1710, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1769, Rowan Co., NC. Will dated Oct. 22, 1768, Rowan Co., NC, and proved Aug. 1769, naming wife Mary, and children. Married first Ann, and second Mary TURNER. Children of Marmaduke KIMBROUGH: John; Orman; George married Katherine YOUNG; Golman married Mary ALLEN; Anna married first William ALSTON, and second Wyatt GARDNER; and Marmaduke (post mortem).
William - b. about 1713, New Kent Co., VA.
Bradley C. - b. about 1716, New Kent Co., VA; d. about 1795, Rowan Co., NC. Bradley C. - b. about 1716, New Kent Co., VA; d. about 1795, Rowan Co., NC. Married before 1753 to Sarah THOMPSON (b. 1712, Hanover Co., VA poss., d. Rowan Co., NC), daughter of Samuel THOMSON of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa Co., VA, whose 1753 Will names daughter Sarah KIMBROW with child, Samuel KIMBROW. Children of Bradley and Sarah KIMBROUGH: Samuel; Jesse; Thomas married Susannah MABRY; Marmaduke; David; and at least another.
Margaret - b. about 1720, New Kent Co., VA; d. Granville Co., NC prob. Married Richard HARRIS