St. Agnes' Eve - Ah, bitter chill it was!
The owl, for all his feathers, was a-cold;
The hare limp'd trembling through the frozen grass,
And silent was the flock in woolly fold:
Numb were the Beadsman's fingers, while he told
His rosary, and while his frosted breath,
Like pious incense from a censer old,
Seem'd taking flight for heaven, without a death,
Past the sweet Virgin's picture, while his prayer he saith.

So here's my first foray into Arthurian anything for a very long time indeed.
Tss_kch The Seeing Stone
by Kevin Crossley-Holland and its sequels have had me transported right back to childhood holidays in Tintagel in Cornwall before it had gift shops.If you've been there in recent times you'll find it hard to believe it was ever like that but the place used to be empty back in the early 1960's.
A ruined castle, one shop called Camelot Crafts, a pseudo round table exhibition and a stony beach called Merlin's Cove reached by Land Rover and that was it.But myth and legend have a huge impact when you are 10 years old and it was all memorable.
I wasn't prepared to be quite as "spellbound" as Philip Pullman with The Seeing Stone because blurb hyperbole is starting to draw my attention lately and the book also had the pre-requisite word "Guardian" on the front cover.
The Seeing Stone is actually set in the Welsh Marches in 1199 so you are instantly aware that we're not really talking about that Arthur because everyone knows he was supposed to have been born in the 5th century (thanks Wikipedia) I was completely clueless beyond the stock knowledge of myth and legend about Merlin, swords in stones, ladies in lakes, Camelot, Guinevere and Avalon.
Young Arthur de Caldicot discovers his namesake the boy King Arthur in his obsidian seeing stone given to him by Merlin.
Merlin? I learn so much writing this blog because I do try and check facts so now I know all there is to know about Wizard Number One.
Thus the stage is set for Kevin (sorry first name terms...getting fed up typing all that) to weave in the old legends with life in a community in the Middle Ages and like Philip I was spellbound.
Young Arthur's life mirrors the life of Arthur-in-the Stone's in a bit of a doppelganger sort of way and he finds himself living in two worlds.The end result is an intricately woven seamless whole of 100 chapters creating an atmosphere and a world you can't bear to leave.
Pure evocative escapism.
So involved was I that had we been having roast swan for tea instead of pizza I would have been briefly delighted. I'm already well into the next in the trilogy, have the third lined up and also the recent sequel Gatty's Tale.
Meanwhile, as you might predict, the family holiday photo albums yield treasures galore and on the back of this picture of parents of dgr at Tintagel, the Tinker (father of dgr) has written,
"King Arthur's Castle Tintagel 1963, King Arthur and Guinevere in foreground".



Emily Dickinson knew about this too, here's 1263

Tell all the truth but tell it slant -
Success in Circuit lies
Too bright for our infirm Delight
The Truth's superb surprise
As Lightning to the Children eased
With explanation kind
The Truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind -


MARRIED 1863: Garrison--Taylor--In the Highlands, (Garrison, N.Y.,) at St. Philip's Church, by Rev. C.F. Hoffman, assisted by Rev. Messrs. A.H. Partridge and James A. Upjohn, William D. Garrison, of Garrison, and Mrs. Emma L. Taylor, of New York city.

MARRIED 1863: White--Pierrepont--On Thursday, the 22d instant, at Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson county, by the Bishop of Western New York, William Mansfield White, of Livingston county, and Anna Maria, daughter of the Hon. Wm. C. Pierrepont.
  DIED 1867: Fox.--At Pau, France, on Wednesday, Oct. 16, Ida Thorn, wife of Samuel M. Fox, and daughter of the late Col. Herman Thorn.

DIED 1867: Garrison.--At Garrison's, N.Y., on Sunday, Nov. 3, Judge John Garrison, in his 72d year.

MARRIED 1859: On Thursday, the 23d inst., at the Jay Homestead, Bedford, Westchester Co. N.Y., by the Rev. John Henry Hobart, D.D., Henry Grafton Chapman, Esq., of Boston, and Eleanor, daughter of John Jay, Esq.

MARRIED 1859: On the 23d of June, by the Rev. Mr. Jackson, William St. John Elliot Marshall, of Natchez, Miss., to Elizabeth Stuyvesant Fish, daughter of Richard L. Morris, M.D., of Oaksdale, Westchester county, N.Y.

MARRIED 1863: Chapman--Lansing--At Utica, on Tuesday, November 17, by the Rev. Dr. S. Hanson Coxe, Rector of Trinity Church, Thomas C. Chapman and Cornella W., daughter of the late Dirck C. Lansing, D.D.

MARRIED 1866: Post--Chapman--On the 10th inst., by Rev., J.H. Morison, at Stone Chapel. Boston Jotham W. Post of New York, to Eliza D., daughter of the late Hon. Jonathan Chapman.

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Thanks for the trip to the 1950s, Janice :) Always enjoy your spotlights!

On Monday the spotlight shines on Alison Strobel's Rachel Westing from her latest release, Reinventing Rachel.

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Character spotlight on Belinda & Georg from Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas

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Grave 0021 WHITE Jesse O. 1886-1977 & Mary I. 1887 - 1970

Grave 0022 WHITE Elizabeth 1849 - 1936

Grave 0023 WHITE Calvin 1840 - 1920

Grave 0024 WHITE Calvin 1840 - 1920 Co. A 40th Ohio Vol. Inf.

Grave 0025 WHITE Minta 1879 - 1931


Grave 0035 - Raymond Chapman [birth and death dates intentionally left blank on marker]

Grave 0036 CHAPMAN Leo Bryant 1886 - 1889

Grave 0117 CHAPMAN E. H. 1838-1902 & Sara M. 1843 - 1911

Grave 0119 CHAPMAN Herbert L. s/o E.H. & Sara d. 21 SEP 1880 aged 15y2m4d?  [close-up of inscription]

Grave 0714 JOHNSTONE Helen A. 30 AUG 1927 - 16 MAY 1986

Grave 0715 JOHNSTONE W. M. 18 MAY 1832 - 16 JUN 1917 & Isabella F. 10 FEB 1830 - 27 SEP 1902

Grave 0716 JOHNSTONE (whole stone)

Grave 0717 JOHNSTONE George T. 1866 - 1934

Grave 1215 - WHITE STONE.

Grave 1216 - WHITE, Leonard A. 1876 - 1967.

Grave 1217 - WHITE, Della C. 1885 - 1985.

Grave 1218 - WHITE, BROTHER.

Grave 1219 - WHITE STONES.

Grave 1220 - WHITE, Marguerite F. 1904 - 1995. DAUGHTER.

Grave 1221 - WHITE, Edith L. 1913 - 1920. DAUGHTER.

Grave 1222 - WHITE, Frank E. 1874 - 1953. FATHER.

Grave 1223 - WHITE, Rose H. 1884 - 1969. MOTHER.

Grave 1255 - HOUGH STONES.

Grave 1256 - HOUGH, Anna C. 1850 - 1927.

Grave 1257 - HOUGH, John A. 1847 - 1923.

Grave 1258 - HOUGH STONE.

Grave 1259 - HOUGH, Florilla I. 1855 - 1937. Mother.

Grave 1260 - HOUGH, Washington H. 1850 - 1930. Father.

Grave 1261 - HOUGH, Lela M. 7 OCT 1887 - 28 JUL 1963.

Grave 1262 - HOUGH, Laura M. 17 FEB 1876 - 24 FEB 1967.

Grave 1274 - HOUGH, V. O. 1857 - 1947.

Grave 1275 - HOUGH, Ella R. 1859 - 1937.

Grave 1389 - SHUMAKER, Chester "Taters" 19 OCT 1895 - 6 MAR 1989, Emma 23 MAY 1906 - 26 DEC 1992.

Grave 1390 - JORDAN, Martha A. 1914 - 1989.

Grave 1391 - JORDAN, Lloyd E. 1912 - 1975.

Grave 1392 - JOHNSON, Marvin D. 1910 - 1999, B. Opal 1909 - 1999.

Grave 1393 - JORDAN, Edna H. 1890 - 1986.

Grave 1394 - JORDAN, John W. 1887 - 1961.

CHAPMAN A. K. 1857 1929  Same stone with Elizabeth Chapman
Click on surname for photo of stone.
CHAPMAN Elizabeth H. 1858 1938



John Jay

Box 112: folder 29

Maria Weston

Box 112: folder 30


Graduates of Union School
Union, Cass County, Nebraska.

Links lead to pictures. If you have an original picture of any of the people in this list (taken more than 75 years ago for copyright reasons) scan it and send it to Site Owner and I'll post it. Thanks.

Graduating Class of 1915:
  • AUSTIN, Addie
  • BARRETT, Lemuel
  • CLARK, Lyda
  • CLINE, Ruth
  • FRANS, Edith
  • FRANS, Zola
  • McCARROLL, Fannie
  • SIKES, ALVA (a male)
Graduating Class of 1916:
  • COMER, Geneva
  • GARRISON, Ruth
  • McCARROLL, Nettie
  • PEARSLEY, Agnes (dau of Adolphus Orison and Ravina Etta PELL PEARSLEY)
  • PEARSLEY, John (son of above)
  • RODDY, Robert
See Commencement Invitation
Graduating Class of 1917:
See Commencement Invitation
Graduating Class of 1918:
  • CLARK, Ora
  • HANSEL, Faye
  • HOBACK, Mable
  • PEARSLEY, Ralph (son of Adolphus Orison and Ravina Etta PELL PEARSLEY)
Graduating Class of 1919:
See Commencement Invitation
See 1919 Alumni Banquet Program
Graduating Class of 1920:
See Commencement Invitation


The Garrison Family Papers include five generations of the Garrison family, four generations of the Wright family and five generations of the Stephenson family. There are detailed biographical sketches in standard reference works as well as biographies of members of the Garrison and Wright families. These include Dictionary of American Biography (DAB), Notable American Women (NAW). William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879; The story of his life told by his children, All On Fire, William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery by Henry Mayer, Growing Up Abolitionist, The Story of the Garrison Children by Harriet Alonso, and James and Lucretia Mott: Life and Letters by Anna Davis Hallowell. Please consult also the Family Trees in the Sophia Smith Collection (note: the Garrison Family Tree is also online:

The Garrison Family

Garrison family gathering, 1876

Garrison family gathering, 1876

Generation 1: Abijah Garrison and Frances ("Fanny") Lloyd Garrison

The Garrison Family Papers begin with Abijah Garrison (1773 - ?) and Frances ("Fanny") Lloyd Garrison (1776-1823). Abijah was born in an isolated farming community in New Brunswick, Canada. By the 1790s he had become a seaman based in St. John. He married Frances Lloyd in 1798 and they settled on the Jemseg River in New Brunswick. They moved to St. John in 1801. They had two daughters (Mary Ann and Caroline Eliza) and a son (James Holley). Mary Ann died in infancy and in 1805 the family moved to Newburyport, Massachusetts. In December of that year a fourth child, William Lloyd, was born, followed by Elizabeth Knowlton in 1808. A man of intemperate habits, Abijah abandoned his wife and family shortly after Elizabeth's birth. He was never heard from again.

Generation 2: William Lloyd Garrison and Helen Benson Garrison

Frances Lloyd Garrison, abandoned with small children to care for, placed her son William Lloyd (1805-1879) (see DAB) in the care of Deacon Ezekiel Bartlett. He received little schooling, and was apprenticed in 1818 to Ephraim Allen of the Newburyport Herald. In 1826 he became editor of the Free Press. When the press failed he became a journeyman printer and in 1828 he joined with Nathaniel White in editing the temperance newspaper National Philanthropist. Influenced by Benjamin Lundy, a Quaker, he became interested in the abolition movement, a cause he championed for the next thirty years. He founded the abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator, in 1831 which he published until 1865. In 1834 he married Helen Benson, daughter of a retired merchant and member of an abolitionist family. They had seven children: George Thompson (1836-1904) , William Lloyd (1838-1909), Wendell Phillips (1840-1907), Charles Follen (1842-1849), Helen Frances ("Fanny") (1844-1928) , Elizabeth Pease (1846-1848), and Francis Jackson (1848-1916). Although there are papers generated by all of the surviving children, those of William Lloyd are most complete.

Generation 3: Children of William Lloyd Garrison and Helen Benson Garrison

There are seven descendents in Generation 3 of the Garrison family. All of the children of William Lloyd and Helen Benson Garrison, with the exception of George, followed in their father's reform footsteps. Wendell, via his editorship at The Nation, was involved in abolition, freedman's relief, and racial and sexual equality. Fanny, following the death of her husband, Henry Villard, became involved in the suffrage movement and pacifism. Francis in addition to his position as editor at Houghton Mifflin, championed racial and sexual equality. A detailed description of all of the children in Generation 3 can be found in Harriet Alonso's Growing Up Abolitionist, the Story of the Garrison Children. The primary persons in this generation represented in the Papers are William Lloyd Garrison and Ellen Wright Garrison.

William Lloyd Garrison left school at the age of eighteen to begin a business career. In 1855 he became associated with abolitionist James Buffum and lived with the Buffum family for seven years where he became involved in various reform movements. He held clerical and banking positions and in 1864 he went into the wool business. In addition, he established one of the earliest electric light stations in Brockton, Massachusetts, and also dealt in bonds, retiring from business in 1902. He was, however, a reformer at heart and up until his death in 1909 was involved in abolition, women's rights and suffrage, immigration reform, Armenian and Russian relief, Irish home rule, anti-imperialism, pacifism, temperance, and free trade. He was also an avid single taxer and president of the Massachusetts Single Tax league. In 1864 he married Ellen Wright, daughter of Martha Coffin and David Wright (See Wright Family).

Ellen Wright was born in 1842 and grew up in a Quaker abolitionist community. She was educated at abolitionist Theodore Weld's Eagleswood School in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Sharon Female Seminary in Darby, Pennsylvania, and Mrs. Sedgwick's Young Ladies School in Lenox, Massachusetts. Influenced by her mother's activism, a life long friendship with Susan B. Anthony, and the reform movements of her husband, Ellen was an active life member in the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Generation 4: Children of William Lloyd Garrison and Ellen Wright Garrison

There are eighteen descendents in Generation 4 of the Garrison family. William Lloyd and Ellen had five children: Agnes (1866-1950), Charles (1868-1951), Frank Wright (1871-1961), William Lloyd (1874-1964), and Eleanor (1880-1974). Although there is material on all of the children as well as other family members, William, Eleanor and Agnes are the most well represented in these papers.

William graduated from Harvard in 1897 and attended Harvard Law School. He became an investment banker and in 1908 became a partner in the firm of Perry, Coffin & Burr. When that partnership was dissolved, he became president of a new firm of Coffin & Burr. According to family members, in hard times he was known to have reimbursed clients from his own pocket if they lost money from his investments. He retired in 1933. A reformer at heart his causes included anti-vaccination, anti-imperialism, free trade, pacifism and racial and sexual equality. In 1901 he married Edith Alice Stephenson (see also Stephenson Family).

Edith was born in 1878, the third of seven children of Benjamin Turner and Luda Grant Stephenson. She was trained as a concert pianist. In addition to raising their six children, she was active in the suffrage movement and was president of the Newton Equal Suffrage League.

Eleanor graduated from Smith College in 1904 and received a Master of Arts degree from Radcliffe in 1906. When she graduated, the suffrage movement was at its peak and she worked avidly for the vote until 1919. In 1912 she became an organizer for Carrie Chapman Catt who headed the New York State campaign for women's suffrage headquartered in New York City. When the campaign ended she became interested in photography which she worked at for 10 years. In the 1940s she moved to California to care for her sister Agnes, remaining there with her brother Frank after Agnes' death.

Generation 5: The children of William Lloyd Garrison and Edith Stephenson Garrison

There are twenty-nine descendents in Generation 5 of the Garrison family. The papers primarily concern the children of William Lloyd and Edith Stephenson: William Lloyd (1902-1988 ) Claire ("Tita") (1903-1985), David Lloyd (1906- 2001), John Bright (1909-1988) Faith (1910- 1981) and Edith Lloyd ("Yoy") (1913-1993). The largest portion of the papers concern David.

David Lloyd Garrison graduated from Harvard in 1928 with a degree in fine arts. He taught for several years and then joined J.H. Emerson Co., manufacturers of breathing equipment. He was an avid birder, and just prior to World War II he was curator of birds at New England Museum of Natural History and the editor of the Bulletin of New England Bird Life. He published a number of papers on birds. He relinquished his conscientious objector status and served as a non-combatant medical technician during World War II. He married Alice ("Pat) O'Reilly (his superior officer) in 1945. After the war he resumed his work for the J. H. Emerson Company. He was also an amateur artist and was active in peace activism, land conservation and civic and church affairs.

The papers do not go beyond Generation 5 of the Garrison family, but there are 60 Garrison descendents in Generation 6.


Who Am I?

Franklin County

Do you recognize any of
these faces or places?

Please email the contributor
if you think you might know
who they are or where they were,
and send us your "Who Am I"
pictures for inclusion on this page!

Faces & Places

Click on the photos for a larger version to help in identification.

Scott Brockelman contributed this photo which has "Church and Parsonage, Laurel, Indiana, where I first went to housekeeping. October 12th, 1906" written on the back. He doesn't know what church it might be or who wrote the inscription, but he hopes someone can identify it.
This picture is of the Roehm/Schottelkotte store that used to stand at the corner of State Road 46 and St. Peter Road in Lawrenceville. According to contributor Deedee Davis, the "big guy" on the far left with the suspenders is George Clemenz. Deedee's uncle John Roehm is holding the baby. Can you identify any of the other folks?
The man in the center is Joseph Lang, possibly the owner of this establishment. Do you know where it was located, or the names of any of the other men? Joseph Lang was b. 1878 in Indiana, son of Edward & Sophie, and grew up in Butler Twp near Oldenburg. He married Otilda Meyer in Franklin County on 17 Apr 1907 and is listed as a farmer in Springfield Twp from 1900-1930. Photo was contributed by Becky Kincaid.

These 5 photos were sent by Barb Ford and may be members or relatives of the BAUER family of Franklin County. If you know any of them, please email Karen and
I'll send it on to Barb.


Born--about 1833 in Ohio 
Civil War Veteran--Buried in Laurel/Conwell Cemetery/Thomas Garrison

 Fannie Hanson, born Sep 1871, Pike County, GA
married William Ross White 1893

aaa. Francis White, born 1903

bbb. Ross F. White, born 1906


H Chapman

Benjamin 1764 1849

Gunn Cem East Bloomfield Ontario NY Patriot

not evaluated
H Chapman

John 80Y 6/10/1832

Pioneer Cem Phelps Ontario NY PVT CT
H Chapman

Jedediah 1741 5/22/1813

Pulteney Cem Geneva Ontario NY Chaplain NJ Blanche Smith DAR Index
H Garrison

Abraham 1760 1833

Lord Gorham Ontario NY


NYiR P126


44.James SMITH was born ABT 1825 in ,,South Carolina.

45.Elizabeth E was born ABT 1831 in ,,Alabama.

Child of Elizabeth E and James SMITH is:

22.  i.John Frederick SMITH was born ABT 1849 in ,,La, and died 1897. He married Sarah Elizabeth TADLOCK ABT 1875 in ,Wise,Texas, daughter of Edward (E.J.) Jackson TADLOCK and Jane Elizabeth CHAPMAN. She was born Sep 1849 in ,Marion,Il, and died 2 Apr 1923 in Wewoka,Seminole,Ok.

46.Edward (E.J.) Jackson TADLOCK was born ABT 1822 in ,,Tn, and died Jul 1859/1860 in Prairie Point,Wise,Texas. He was the son of 92. Thomas TADLOCK and 93. Catherine DAVID.

47.Jane Elizabeth CHAPMAN was born ABT 1825 in , , Tennessee, and died AFT Jun 1880. She was the daughter of 94. Thomas CHAPMAN and 95. Rachael GARRISON.

Children of Jane Elizabeth CHAPMAN and Edward (E.J.) Jackson TADLOCK are:

   i.Martha J TADLOCK was born ABT 1844 in Marion,,Il, and died Aug 1859 in Prairie Point,Wise,Tx.
   ii.Mary Ann TADLOCK was born 9 Jan 1846 in ,Marion,Il, and died 9 Feb 1932 in Hobart,Kiowa,Ok. She married Ezekial Alexander (Louis) ENSEY 15 Aug 1861, son of William ENSEY and Sarah Asbury DUNCAN. He was born 19 Mar 1838 in ,Coffee,Tn, and died 18 Jan 1923 in Foss,Washita,Ok.
23.  iii.Sarah Elizabeth TADLOCK was born Sep 1849 in ,Marion,Il, and died 2 Apr 1923 in Wewoka,Seminole,Ok. She married John Frederick SMITH ABT 1875 in ,Wise,Texas, son of James SMITH and Elizabeth E. He was born ABT 1849 in ,,La, and died 1897.
   iv.Richard Marion TADLOCK was born ABT 1853/1855 in ,,Il, and died Apr 1923. He married Nancy Elizabeth EASLEY 1878 in ,Wise,Texas, daughter of Samuel Franklin EASLEY and Mary Ann MONTGOMERY. She was born ABT 1854 in ,,Ms, and died 1883.
   v.John C TADLOCK was born Feb 1855 in Marion,,Il. He married Mary M MARTIN ABT 1877 in ,Wise,Texas, daughter of Leroy D MARTIN and Mary E PHILLIPS. She was born ABT 1862 in Martin Station, Dallas, Alabama.
   vi.Nancy Louisa TADLOCK was born ABT 1857 in ,Wise,Tx. She married EASLEY.
   vii.Edward Jackson TADLOCK was born Sep 1859 in ,Wise,Tx. He married Mary COSLEY 5 Oct 1884 in ,Wise,Tx. She was born Jun 1862 in ,,Mississippi.


Tadlock, Lavisia (~1827 - ) - female
b. ABT 1827 in Kentucky

spouse: Howard, Seth (1824 - )
- m. 3 JUL 1849 in , Moniteau Co, Missouri

----------child: Howard, Mary A. (~1851 - )
----------child: Howard, E. J. (~1853 - )
----------child: Howard, child3 (~1855 - <1860)

Tadlock, Mary H. (~1837 - ) - female
b. ABT 1837 in Kentucky

spouse: Howard, Seth (1824 - )
- m. 24 JAN 1856 in , Moniteau Co, Missouri

----------child: Howard, Richard (~1857 - )
----------child: Howard, Lawrence (~1859 - )


Birth: Oct. 5, 1888
Death: Jun. 1, 1958

Richard was the son of Peter H. & Nancy Louisa Tadlock Easley. 
Family links: 
  Nancy Louisa Tadlock Easley
  Elizabeth Rutz Easley (1893 - 1972)*
  Herman L. Easley (1910 - 1996)*
  Earnest B. Easley (1912 - 1946)*
  Norris E. Easley (1914 - ____)*
  Richard Lewis Easley (1918 - 1992)*
  Ethel Imogene Easley Morphew (1921 - 2011)*
  Elizabeth Easley (1924 - 1928)*
*Calculated relationship
Celeste Cemetery
Hunt County
Texas, USA


Easley, Nancy Louisa Tadlock 81246385
b. unknown d. unknown
No cemetery
Click name for details

Eason, Sarah Tadlock 12289302
b. Feb. 23, 1891 d. Jul. 8, 1957
Griffin Cemetery
Chesterfield County
South Carolina, USA


Abney, Virgie Mae Tadlock 46200091
b. Jul. 13, 1913 d. Jul. 15, 1993
Oak Grove Cemetery
Charleston (Mississippi County)
Mississippi County
Missouri, USA

Adamson, Dorothy Tadlock 38500401
b. Jul. 12, 1910 d. Jun. 11, 2009
Hickory Ridge Cemetery
Brown County
Ohio, USA

Allen, Mamie L. Tadlock 38780905
b. Apr. 5, 1905 d. Jul. 2, 1979
Pleasant View Cemetery
Jefferson County
Kansas, USA

Arnold, Averil Tadlock 83916057
b. 1901 d. 1974
Memorial Park Cemetery
Washington County
Oklahoma, USA

Asburry, Mary E Tadlock 9215841
b. Sep. 11, 1853 d. Nov. 16, 1886
Webb Hill Cemetery
Wolfe City
Hunt County
Texas, USA

Atha, Anna Lee Tadlock 24560446
b. 1879 d. 1954
Frazier Cemetery
Buchanan County
Missouri, USA

Biggers, Carol Adrian Tadlock 63045887
b. Mar. 23, 1937 d. Dec. 17, 2010
Twin Falls Cemetery
Twin Falls
Twin Falls County
Idaho, USA

Bosley, Susan A. Tadlock 51968660
b. Feb. 9, 1849 d. Mar. 9, 1900
Russell Cemetery
Wayne County
Illinois, USA

Bowen, Glenda Irene Tadlock 70644678
b. Apr. 29, 1924 d. May 28, 2011
Twin Falls Cemetery
Twin Falls
Twin Falls County
Idaho, USA

Branson, Ida F Tadlock 15770311
b. Mar. 8, 1893 d. Feb. 8, 1983
Peaceful Valley Cemetery
Marion County
Illinois, USA

Braswell Mullis, Minnie Tadlock 42737323
b. Oct. 15, 1884 d. Dec. 16, 1968
Eastside Cemetery
Richmond County
North Carolina, USA

Brumley, Amanda Tadlock 77458403
b. Jul. 23, 1867 d. May 27, 1923
Milburnton Church Cemeter...
Greene County
Tennessee, USA

Burnam, Ida A. Tadlock 78392021
b. Oct. 20, 1902 d. Jul. 17, 1994
Maple Hill Cemetery
Franklin County
Illinois, USA

Cain, Laura B. Tadlock 12527946
b. Oct. 14, 1914 d. Nov. 23, 2005
Sunset Memory Gardens
Hillsborough County
Florida, USA

Carpenter, Edith Tadlock 52596856
b. May 5, 1931 d. May 14, 2010
East Dayton Cemetery
Dayton (Tuscola County)
Tuscola County
Michigan, USA

Chapman, Betty Tadlock 12907281
b. Apr. 5, 1931 d. Jan. 4, 2006
Hollybrook Cemetery
Lincoln County
North Carolina, USA

Claxton, Irene Elizabeth Tadlock 31957378
b. Nov. 22, 1930 d. Dec. 3, 2008
Hewitt Cemetery
Wilson (Carter County)
Carter County
Oklahoma, USA

Cotton, Patricia Ann Tadlock 41618308
b. unknown d. Sep. 3, 2009
Memorial Park Cemetery
Reno County
Kansas, USA

Cozart, Adeline Tadlock 77720769
b. Feb. 3, 1856 d. Nov. 21, 1927
Community Memorial Garden...
Granville County
North Carolina, USA

Cross, Jo Tadlock 68330066
b. Feb. 25, 1926 d. Apr. 9, 2011
Flower Mound Cemetery
Flower Mound
Denton County
Texas, USA

Search for "Tadlock" at Genealogy Bank

Crotwell, Frances Tadlock 56898541
b. Oct., 1839 d. 1921
Shepherd Hill Cemetery
Montgomery County
Texas, USA

Davis, Dextal O'Neal Tadlock 41538664
b. Apr. 28, 1917 d. Sep. 2, 2009
Floral Hills Memory Garde...
Pearl (Rankin County)
Rankin County
Mississippi, USA

Daws, Thelma M. Tadlock 6983732
b. 1912 d. Nov. 27, 2002
Fairhaven Memorial Park
Santa Ana
Orange County
California, USA

Dean, Virginia Claudine Tadlock 54051888
b. Nov. 5, 1936 d. Jun. 23, 2010
McKendree Cemetery
Logan County
Arkansas, USA

Easley, Nancy Louisa Tadlock 81246385
b. unknown d. unknown
No cemetery
Click name for details

Eason, Sarah Tadlock 12289302
b. Feb. 23, 1891 d. Jul. 8, 1957
Griffin Cemetery
Chesterfield County
South Carolina, USA

Edelblute, Anna Lee Tadlock 71183906
b. Oct. 18, 1932 d. Apr. 3, 2000
Forest Lawn Cemetery
Norfolk City
Virginia, USA

Eyster, Jean Evelyn Tadlock 24574761
b. Sep. 6, 1913 d. Feb. 10, 2008
Memorial Park Cemetery
St. Louis County
Missouri, USA

Falkner, Sarah Jane Tadlock 30878042
b. Nov. 14, 1840 d. Apr. 30, 1925
Rocky River Presbyterian ...
Rocky River
Cabarrus County
North Carolina, USA

FARNHOLTZ, Bessie Winnefred Tadlock 26916843
b. Jul. 24, 1896 d. Apr. 19, 1927
Bassett Memorial Park
Rock County
Nebraska, USA

Farris, Winnie Jane Tadlock 46201043
b. Jul. 26, 1895 d. Sep. 10, 1978
IOOF Cemetery
Charleston (Mississippi County)
Mississippi County
Missouri, USA

Frachiseur Liles, Nora Mae Tadlock 66867691
b. Jun. 4, 1943 d. Mar. 12, 2011
Corinth Cemetery
Cass County
Texas, USA

Fraker, Nancy Ann Tadlock 77458580
b. Jan. 26, 1820 d. May 3, 1881
Milburnton Church Cemeter...
Greene County
Tennessee, USA

Garbe, Elaine L Tadlock 31624925
b. Dec. 3, 1950 d. Apr. 24, 2004
Memorial Gardens of Colum...
Richland County
South Carolina, USA

Gatewood, Bobbye Tadlock 74452305
b. Dec. 19, 1929 d. Nov. 9, 2000
Gatewood Cemetery
Scott County
Mississippi, USA

Gibson, Amelia Tadlock 27274091
b. 1858 d. 1937
Perryville Cemetery
Boyle County
Kentucky, USA

Gibson, Shirley Tadlock 34883750
b. Feb. 12, 1936 d. Nov. 6, 2002
No cemetery
Click name for details

Gilleland, Irene Tadlock 37601506
b. Jan. 3, 1920 d. Jan. 3, 1996
Fernwood Cemetery
Greene County
Illinois, USA

Griffin, Barbara June Tadlock 13361104
b. Jan. 25, 1947 d. unknown
New Hope Cemetery
Laclede County
Missouri, USA

Haney, Winnie Elizabeth Tadlock 40967150
b. Jan. 26, 1840 d. Oct. 25, 1926


Husband: Edward TADLOCK
   Born: 1821 in TN
Died: between 1858 AND 1860 in TX
Father: >>>
Mother: Catherine UNNAMED
   Wife: Jane E. UNKNOWN
   Born: 1825 in TN
01  (F): Martha TADLOCK
Born: 1844 in IL
02  (F): Mary A. TADLOCK
Born: 1845 in IL
03  (F): Sarah E. TADLOCK
Born: 1850 in IL
04  (M): Richard N. TADLOCK
Born: 1853 in IL
05  (M): John Carter TADLOCK
Born: FEB 1855 in IL
Died: after 1930 in , Atoka, OK
Spouses: Mary M. UNKNOWN
06  (F): Nancy Louisa TADLOCK
Born: 1857 in TX
07  (M): Edward J. TADLOCK
Born: 1859 in TX


183.  HILAH CATHERINE5 GREGG (HARRIET LOUISA4 PIERCE, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born February 1870 in Johnson County,  TN.  She married HENRY TYLER WHITE March 23, 1890, son of THOMAS WHITE and MARY SMITH.  He was born Abt. 1870 in Carter County, Tennessee.


1900 Carter County Census:  Henry T. White, Hailey C 30, Annie 7, Lauita ?  born 1894 age  5, Allie P. 2

1910 Carter County Census:  Henry T. White 43, Hilah C 39, (7 children 6 living) Alta P 12, Laulie 15, Stanley 9, Hubert 5, Herman 1

1920 Carter County Census:  Henry T. White 54, Hiley C. 49, Allie P. 22, Stanley 18


More About HENRY: Occupation: Carpenter


Children of HILAH GREGG and HENRY WHITE are:

                      i. HENRY FLOYD6 WHITE, b. Abt. 1912, Johnson County,  TN; d. November 13, 1998, VA Medical Center, Johnson City, Mountain Home, TN; m. PHYLLIS FLETCHER; b. Abt. 1928, Carter County, TN; d. February 23, 1997, Carter County, TN.

                     ii. ANNIE WHITE, b. June 1892.

                    iii. ALLIE P. WHITE, b. January 1898.

                    iv. STANLEY WHITE, b. Abt. 1902.

334.              v. LULA MAE WHITE, b. November 07, 1894, Carter County,TN; d. August 1961, Carter Co. Tn..

                    vi. HUBERT WHITE, b. Abt. 1905.

                   vii. HERMAN WHITE, b. Abt. 1909.


290.  ELLA MAY RAINES (ELIZA5 ARCHER, SARAH JANE4 PIERCE, SION ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, HARDY1) was born May 15, 1887 in Carter County, TN, and died February 12, 1989 in Carter County, TN.  She married JAMES LOWRY WHITE 1904. Son of Thomas White and Frances Pleasant.   He was born March 23, 1880, and died June 19, 1936.  Burial: Grindstaff Cemetery,  Carter County.


1930 Carter county Census:  James L. White 52, Mae E. 42, Dudley 23, Flora E 14,  James R. 12, Lora 10, Ralph H 7, Frances E 4


Ella May  wrote poetry.  Her mind remained sharp until her death at age 102.  She worked  in the house and took care of the other children before she was 10 years old.  She didn't go to Elizabethton until she was 11 years, then she walked all the way and stayed all night with her uncle Kelly Rains.  She started to school at the Pierce School at Sadie and  her uncle Joe Elliott took her to school on the first day.  There was only one teacher.  She already knew her "ABC's" so she came home to tell her parents that she was able to cover 3 pages the first day.  She completed the 7th grade, then quit and worked by staying with people and taking care of their children.  She also did the housework.  She earned 10 cents a week for her work.  Later  when she was about 16, she was able to earn 25 cents a week.  Source:  Darrell Campbell's Family Journal. 

Picture: Ella May and James

Children of ELLA RAINES and JAMES WHITE are:

                      i. CLYDE7 WHITE.

                     ii. DUDLEY WHITE b.abt 1907

                    iii. RONDAL WHITE.

                    iv. HENRY WHITE.

                     v.   VIRGIE WHITE.

                    vi. RUBIE WHITE.

                   vii. ETHEL WHITE.

                  viii. FRANCES WHITE. b. abt 1925

                    ix. ELIZA WHITE.




373.  WILBURN CONRAD "JUNE"7 PIERCE (WILLIAM CRUMLEY6, GRIFFIN P.5, WILLIAM A.4, GRIFFIN3, ARTHUR2, HARDY1) was born December 11, 1918 in Carter County,  TN, and died January 19, 2000 in Carter County,  TN.  He married (1) JEWELL DEAN STOUT.    He married (2) BERTHA CHESTINE "TEAN" WHITE June 15, 1946, daughter of JOHN WHITE and JULIA PRICE.  She was born January 22, 1928, and died February 06, 1995 in Johnson County TN. 37683.


Picture 1 and 2:    June   (WWII )  3.  Patsy,  4.  Jackie



                      i. PATSY PIERCE.

                       ii.  LANIE JEWEL PIERCE, b. December 8, 1939; d. December 8, 1939



537.             iii. JACKIE CLAY8 PIERCE, b. October 03, 1951.

538.             iv. JANIE CAROL PIERCE, b. October 24, 1953.

                     v. CONNIE JEAN PIERCE, b. September 27, 1959.

539.              vi JILL PIERCE, b. February 25, 1962.



374.  LOLA ESTHER7 PIERCE (WILLIAM CRUMLEY6, GRIFFIN P.5, WILLIAM A.4, GRIFFIN3, ARTHUR2, HARDY1) was born March 27, 1921 in Carter County, and died April 20, 1998 in Johnson County TN.  She married WALTER PAIGE BROYLES December 16, 1946, son of HENRY BROYLES and SENIA COMER.  He was born November 09, 1919 in Sullivan County, TN, and died September 24, 1997 in Johnson County TN.  Burial: Butler Memorial Cemetery



Sewed clothes and homemaker, Pierce town Baptist Church Sunday school teacher.

Education: Graduated from Hampton High School.  She attended the Business School in Elizabethton.           

Pictures:  Lola


World War II, Chairman of Board of Education,  Died of heart attack

Margie and Wayne were Paige's by first wife ("she looked like a beautiful model") named Patsy Jeweldine Miller.  When he went to war, she had a child by another man.  They divorced.

Margie was married to Bill White,  Wayne's wife is Geri


Children of LOLA PIERCE and PAIGE BROYLES are:

540.               i. HELEN8 BROYLES, b. October 12, 1947, Carter County, TN;

                     ii. DANNY BROYLES, b. December 19, 1957; m. SUSIE WHITE.



375.  VIRGINIA DARE7 PIERCE (WILLIAM CRUMLEY6, GRIFFIN P.5, WILLIAM A.4, GRIFFIN3, ARTHUR2, HARDY1) was born May 06, 1924 in Butler, Johnson County TN., and died January 27, 1983 in Butler, Johnson County TN.  She married ROBERT L. WHITE February 27, 1939, son of JOHN WHITE and IDA SMITH.  He was born February 21, 1919, and died November 01, 1991 in Butler, Johnson County TN..


Notes for VIRGINIA:  Virginia died of cancer.   Worked at Burlington Ind., Mountain City, TN


Picture: 1947  Virginia, R.L. Randa, Gail, June Dale   picture 2: Virginia, Gail, June Dale


R.L. White was the brother of Bertha "Tean" Pierce married to June Pierce(son of William Crumley Pierce and Cora Presnell)  R.L. was married to June's sister  Virginia  

R.L's Military service: Navy during World War 2, V.F.W. Post 2166



                      i. GEORGE LEE8 WHITE, b. November 29, 1939.  d.  August 25, 1940

541.              ii. BRENDA GAIL WHITE, b. September 25, 1941, Carter County,  TN.

542.             iii. JUNE DALE WHITE, b. July 25, 1943, Carter County; d. August 16, 1974, Johnson County,  TN.

543.             iv. RANDA LORETTA WHITE, b. October 01, 1947.

544.              v. JUDY ADELINE WHITE, b. September 23, 1948.

545.             vi. RICHARD JAMES WHITE, b. June 14, 1950.

546.           vii. EVELYN KAY WHITE, b. December 10, 1951.

547.          viii. HARVEY CRUMLEY WHITE, b. June 14, 1954.

548.             ix. DEBRA "DEBBIE" ANN WHITE, b. June 13, 1956.





478.  KELLY7 MATHERLY (LILLIE IVALEE6 WAGNER, SARAH CAROLINE5 PIERCE, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born Abt. 1904, and died March 03, 1990.  She married WILLIAM WHITE.  He died January 04, 1971.



                      i. JEWEL DEAN8 WHITE, m. RAY EDWARD VINES.

                     ii. ANNA DORIS WHITE.

                    iii. ROBERT HERMAN WHITE, b. Carter County, TN; d. May 05, 1993, Carter County, TN; m. HELEN LIPFORD; b. Johnson County,  TN; d. July 13, 1997, Johnson County,  TN.



479.  EDDIE MAY7 MATHERLY (LILLIE IVALEE6 WAGNER, SARAH CAROLINE5 PIERCE, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born November 1906 in Johnson County,  TN, and died November 23, 1934 in Johnson County,  TN.  She married ROBERT WHITE Abt. 1921. 


Picture:  Eddie May Matherly  and Robert White         2.  Eva and Troy  


 tombstone says:  Edda M. Matherly wife of R.L. White


Cause of Death: Pulmonary tuberculosis      death record # 28092

Medical Information: died at age 28 year 11 month 30 days



626.               i. EVA8 WHITE, b. October 08, 1922, Johnson County,  TN. married Troy Johnson

                     ii. GEORGIA LEE WHITE.



480.  MARY RUBY7 MATHERLY (LILLIE IVALEE6 WAGNER, SARAH CAROLINE5 PIERCE, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born Abt. 1917 in Johnson County,  TN, and died January 03, 2001 in Bradenton, Florida.  She married (1) MIKE WILLIS.    She married (2) JAKE LEGGETT.  He was born June 04, 1912, and died 1968.



Attended Watauga Accademy.  Member of Cobbs Creek Baptist Church.

Died at Casa More Care Nursing Home, Bradenton, FL

 Obituary: Survivors include 2 daughters and sons-in-law, Carolyn Sue and Ben E. Johnson, Elizabethton, and Phyllis Jane and Bud Marshall, Jonesborough and 2 sons, Jim Willis, Bradenton, Fl and Randy Hathaway of Georgia. It was her last wish to be cremated.    Burial: Matherly Cemetery, Butler, TN


Children of MARY MATHERLY  are:

                      i. BOB8 WILLIS.

                     ii. JIM WILLIS.

                       iii. Carolyn Sue Willis

                       iv.  Phyllis Jane Willis

                        v. Randy Hathaway


481.  AMY7 TIMBS (WILLIAM W.6, SARAH CAROLINE5 PIERCE, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born 1903, and died 1988.  She married DANE WHALEY. 


Children of AMY TIMBS and DANE WHALEY are:

                      i. ROBERT8 WHALEY, b. 1925.

                     ii. GEORGE WHALEY.

                    iii. CARL WHALEY, b. 1929.



482.  ALLEN HENRY7 PIERCE (WILLIAM ROBERT6, AMANDA5, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born November 03, 1898 in Carter County, TN, and died July 26, 1980 in Greenville, TN.  He married  ESSIE MAY PIERCE April 09, 1927 in Carter County TN., daughter of WILLIAM PIERCE and CORA PRESNELL.  She was born August 24, 1904 in Carter County, TN, and died July 23, 1934 in Johnson County, TN.


Notes for ALLEN HENRY PIERCE:  Parents, Robert Pierce and Alice Sneed


Children are listed above under (368) Essie May Pierce.


483 .  STACEY7 PIERCE (SAMUEL6, AMANDA5, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born January 21, 1898 in Carter County, TN, and died April 17, 1986 in Clinton, Vermillion County, Indiana.  He married JUANITA "NETTIE" PIERCE, daughter of JOHN PIERCE and REBECCA PIERCE.  She was born November 10, 1906 in Carter County, TN, and died December 03, 1998 in Clinton, Vermillion County, Indiana.


Children are listed above under (355) Juanita "Nettie" Pierce.



484.  ADA DOVE7 PIERCE (HENRY HAYES6 PRESNELL, AMANDA5 PIERCE, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born January 02, 1901 in Carter County, TN, and died June 1990 in Johnson County, TN.  She married ROY MCKINLEY WHITE December 04, 1915 in Fish Springs, Carter County, TN, son of EZEKIEL WHITE and FREDERICA NAVE.  He was born April 25, 1896 in Carter County, TN, and died February 03, 1978 in Johnson County, TN.



R. M (Mac) and his brother Dana, owned and operated the White Brother's General Store at Fish Springs for many years.  He was operating this store, when the Watauga Dam was built, forcing him to move from Fish Springs.  He then bought a farm in Johnson County.    Picture of Fredricka his mother with Griffin P. Pierce # 124

1920 Carter County Census:  Roy M. White 23 (merchant) Dovie 19, Juanita 3 6/12, Willard 2 2/12


Children of ADA PIERCE and ROY WHITE are:

627.               i. WILLARD ORE8 WHITE, b. October 08, 1917, Carter County, TN; d. June 18, 2002, Carter County, TN.

628.              ii. NELLIE JUANNETTA WHITE, b. July 18, 1916, Fish Springs, Carter County, TN.

629.             iii. ZOLA MAE WHITE, b. June 12, 1920.

                    iv. FRANKLIN DELMONT WHITE, b. April 26, 1922.

                     v. ANNA MARIE WHITE, b. November 11, 1923; d. November 11, 1923.

Dovie        Guy



532.  JOYCE "STONY" DEAN8 PIERCE (RAY H.7, WILLIAM CRUMLEY6, GRIFFIN P.5, WILLIAM A.4, GRIFFIN3, ARTHUR2, HARDY1) was born August 08, 1938.  She married (1) JOE WHITE September 23, 1955.  He was born March 21, 1935.  She married (2) JAMES LESTER "BUD" MILLER June 06, 1965.  He was born March 03, 1944.



First married to a White {Bertha "Tean" and R.L. Whites brother



"Stony" Joyce Pierce was married to Joe White September 23, 1955. Joe was born March 21, 1935.  They had a son Lester born <au 3. 1956.


Children of JOYCE PIERCE and JAMES MILLER are:

675.               i. JAMES LESTER9 WHITE, b. May 03, 1956.

676.              ii. JAMES DEAN MILLER, b. December 30, 1965.

                    iii. DAVID PAUL MILLER, b. July 03, 1968; d. October 07, 1984, CarterCounty Tn.  

    David was ran over on his motorcycle on Pierce town Road by Wanda Wallace Pierce

677. iv. STEPHEN MILLER, b. March 19, 1972.



                      i. BECKY9 PRESSINELL.

                        ii.  PATRICIA PRESSINELL


Children of HELEN BROYLES and HARRY WHITE are:

                    iii. TERRI WHITE.

                    iv. RACHEL WHITE.



541.  BRENDA GAIL8 WHITE (VIRGINIA DARE7 PIERCE, WILLIAM CRUMLEY6, GRIFFIN P.5, WILLIAM A.4, GRIFFIN3, ARTHUR2, HARDY1) was born September 25, 1941 in Carter County,  TN.  She met EARNEST RAY ELLIOTT February 27, 1965, son of FRED ELLIOTT and LONA STOUT.  He was born February 16, 1947 in Johnson County,  TN.



684.               i. MARTY RAY9 ELLIOTT, b. June 27, 1966, Carter County,  TN.

                     ii. BARRY LINN ELLIOTT, b. June 06, 1969.



542.  JUNE DALE8 WHITE (VIRGINIA DARE7 PIERCE, WILLIAM CRUMLEY6, GRIFFIN P.5, WILLIAM A.4, GRIFFIN3, ARTHUR2, HARDY1) was born July 25, 1943 in Carter County, and died August 16, 1974 in Johnson County,  TN.  She married ARLIE SMITH HODGE, son of BONNIE HODGE GUINN. 


More About JUNE DALE WHITE:   Burial: Butler Memorial Cemetery


Children of JUNE WHITE and ARLIE HODGE are:

                      i. SHELIA9 HODGE.

                     ii. ROCKY HODGE.

                    iii. CAROL ANN HODGE.





Notes for EDWIN DUGGER:  Lawrence Dugger's son,  Martha Dugger Courtner's brother


Children of RANDA WHITE and EDWIN DUGGER are:

                      i. DONNA9 DUGGER.

                     ii. AMY DUGGER.

                    iii. AMBER DUGGER.





Notes for JUDY WHITE:  Divorced R. Hammett.  She married  Wayne J. Miller, July 1994



                      i. JOHN A. HAMMETT, b. May 29, 1972; m. JEANIE L. ADAMS, February 12, 1994.


1. Judy                                   2 .Evelyn                         3.  Debbie                      4.  Gail White


545.  RICHARD JAMES8 WHITE (VIRGINIA DARE7 PIERCE, WILLIAM CRUMLEY6, GRIFFIN P.5, WILLIAM A.4, GRIFFIN3, ARTHUR2, HARDY1) was born June 14, 1950.  He married DEBBIE.  She was born September 10, 1954.


Children of RICHARD WHITE and DEBBIE are:

                      i. RICKY WHITE, b. October 06, 1971.

                     ii. KERRY JEAN WHITE, b. April 29, 1974; m. LARRY DALE STOUT, JR, July 05, 1991, Johnson County, TN.

                    iii. PAM WHITE, b. October 18, 1978.

                    iv. VIRGINIA MARIE "GINNY" WHITE, b. January 20, 1983.



546.  EVELYN KAY WHITE (VIRGINIA DARE7 PIERCE, WILLIAM CRUMLEY6, GRIFFIN P.5, WILLIAM A.4, GRIFFIN3, ARTHUR2, HARDY1) was born December 10, 1951.     She married (1) WILLIAM RAY HORNE November 18, 1971.  He was born November 14, 1952.    She married (2) IRVIN DANNY ESTEP



                      i. DANIEL WEBSTER  ESTEP,  b. April 15, 1992



                     ii. WILLIAM RAY "B. J." HORNE, b. November  8, 1976.  married Rachel Powers, 

                                 child:  Lucas Ray Horn, b. October 18, 2002

                    iii. MELISSA LYNNE "SISSY" HORNE, b. November 10, 1977.  married Jamie Lee Vandeventer.

                             He was born October 11, 1976.  child:  Kayla Ann Vandeventer, born October 19, 2000



547.  HARVEY CRUMLEY8 WHITE (VIRGINIA DARE7 PIERCE, WILLIAM CRUMLEY6, GRIFFIN P.5, WILLIAM A.4, GRIFFIN3, ARTHUR2, HARDY1) was born June 14, 1954.  He married SANDY NORRIS.  She was born November 25, 1967.


Children of HARVEY WHITE and SANDY NORRIS are:

                      i. HANNAH GRACE WHITE.  b. April 15, 1998

                     ii. MAGGIE BETH WHITE, b. February 16, 1989.






                      i. JENNIFER JEANETTE9 STOUT.


26.  EVA8 WHITE (EDDIE MAY7 MATHERLY, LILLIE IVALEE6 , SARAH CAROLINE5 , HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born October 08, 1922 in Johnson County,  TN.  She married TROY JOHNSON.  He was born September 16, 1918 in VA, and died March 21, 1996 in Johnson County,  TN.


Children of EVA WHITE and TROY JOHNSON are:

710.               i. RICHARD DOUGLAS9 JOHNSON, b. Johnson County TN. 37683.

                     ii. DWIGHT JOHNSON.

                    iii. ANDY JOHNSON.

                    iv. DAVID WAYNE JOHNSON, b. December 03, 1959.

                     v. JAMES DALE JOHNSON, b. March 1951.

                    vi. ROBERT FLOYD JOHNSON, b. December 02, 1949.

                   vii. BONNIE KAY JOHNSON, b. 1955.

                  viii. TERESA ANN JOHNSON.



627.  WILLARD ORE8 WHITE (ADA DOVE7 PIERCE, HENRY HAYES6 PRESNELL, AMANDA5 PIERCE, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born October 08, 1917 in Carter County, TN, and died June 18, 2002 in Carter County, TN.  He married WILMA MAE LEWIS December 05, 1936.  She was born October 16, 1919.



Willard O. "Wid" White, 84, 107 Earl McKinney Road, Elizabethton, died Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at Ivy Hall Nursing Home following a lengthy illness.

   Mr. White was a native of Carter County and a son of the late Roy McKinley and Dove Pierce White. He was also preceded in death by a sister, Wynette Blevins, and a brother, Frank White.

   Mr. White was a member of Doe River Baptist Church. He was a U.S. Marine Veteran of World War II and was retired from Bemberg Corporation.

   Survivors include his wife, Wilma White, of the home; two sons and daughters-in-law, Max W. and Brenda White and Robert L. and Penny White, all of Elizabethton; a daughter, Susan D. Townsend, Miami, Fla.; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and a sister, Zola Snyder, Mountain City. Several nieces and nephews also survive.



Children of WILLARD WHITE and WILMA LEWIS are:

711.               i. MAX WILBURN9 WHITE, b. February 20, 1938, Carter County, TN.

712.              ii. ROBERT LYNN WHITE, b. April 11, 1940, Carter County, TN.

713.             iii. SUSAN DIANE WHITE, b. July 25, 1948, Carter County, TN.



628.  NELLIE JUANNETTA8 WHITE (ADA DOVE7 PIERCE, HENRY HAYES6 PRESNELL, AMANDA5 PIERCE, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born July 18, 1916 in Fish Springs, Carter County, TN.  She married WOODROW CHARLES BLEVINS June 10, 1933.  He was born December 01, 1912 in Carter County, TN.



Jaunnetta lived with her husband and children at Fish Springs until Watauga Dam was constructed.  TVA bought their porperty for the lake. They moved to Lynn Valley (just east of Elizabethton) They lived there for several years while Woodrow worked at North American Rayon Plant in Elizabethton.  After Woodrow's parents died, they sold their property and moved to Johnson City.




714.               i. JUANNETTA JEAN9 BLEVINS, b. March 22, 1934.

715.              ii. GARY WOODROW BLEVINS, b. July 23, 1940; d. February 14, 1964.



629.  ZOLA MAE8 WHITE (ADA DOVE7 PIERCE, HENRY HAYES6 PRESNELL, AMANDA5 PIERCE, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born June 12, 1920.  She married WATSON DECATOR SNYDER January 06, 1940, son of ROY SNYDER and MARY GRINDSTAFF.  He was born December 22, 1912.



Education: 1962, M.A. Degree from Appalachian State University

Occupation: Teacher and Federal Projects Director for Johnson County schools.


675.  JAMES LESTER9 WHITE (JOYCE "STONY" DEAN8 PIERCE, RAY H.7, WILLIAM CRUMLEY6, GRIFFIN P.5, WILLIAM A.4, GRIFFIN3, ARTHUR2, HARDY1) was born May 03, 1956.  He married RACHEL PERKINS September 26, 1989.  She was born July 18, 1972.



                      i. JULIA ANN10 WHITE, b. October 11, 1994.


710.  RICHARD DOUGLAS9 JOHNSON (EVA8 WHITE, EDDIE MAY7 MATHERLY, LILLIE IVALEE6 WAGNER, SARAH CAROLINE5 PIERCE, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born in Johnson County TN. 37683.  He met DIANE YUONNE PERRY October 26, 1971 in Johnson County TN., daughter of EDGAR PERRY and GEORGIA PIERCE.  She was born January 23, 1952 in Johnson County


Children are listed above under (551) Diane Yuonne Perry.


711.  MAX WILBURN9 WHITE (WILLARD ORE8, ADA DOVE7 PIERCE, HENRY HAYES6 PRESNELL, AMANDA5 PIERCE, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born February 20, 1938 in Carter County, TN.  He married (1) GLENDA ROSE PENIX.    He married (2) NORMA JEAN GOUGE.    He married (3) SUSIE LOU BUCK June 07, 1980. 


Children of MAX WHITE and GLENDA PENIX are:

                      i. SHERRY LYNN10 WHITE, b. January 28, 1957; d. January 30, 1959.   Cause of Death: pneumonia

                     ii. KATHRYN MAE WHITE, b. February 08, 1960.

                    iii. BRIAN CURTIS WHITE, b. June 30, 1963.


Children of MAX WHITE and NORMA GOUGE are:

                    iv. GREGORY MAX10 WHITE, b. September 18, 1965.

                     v. KRISTI DAWN WHITE, b. March 22, 1972.



712.  ROBERT LYNN9 WHITE (WILLARD ORE8, ADA DOVE7 PIERCE, HENRY HAYES6 PRESNELL, AMANDA5 PIERCE, HENRY CLAY4, GEORGE MORTON3, JOHN2, HARDY1) was born April 11, 1940 in Carter County, TN.  He married (1) DORIS ANN MILLSAPS December 24, 1960.    He married (2) PENNY SUE TESTER August 31, 1979.  She was born November 22, 1947.


More About ROBERT LYNN WHITE:  Occupation: Accountant



                      i. CANDICE LYNN10 WHITE, b. April 06, 1964.

                     ii. BOBBI RENA WHITE, b. April 09, 1966.

                    iii. MICHAEL OTT WHITE, b. May 06, 1970.



Some Birth Records 

Recorded in
Wise County, Texas

1860's - 1930's
TADLOCK Mary Ann (TX)-ENSEY Zekiel Louis Alexander (TX)
TADLOCK Nancy Louisa (IL)-EASLEY Peter Shirley (MS)

PERRY Dora Cordelia (MS)-TADLOCK Albert Gideon (AL)
WHATLEY Minnie Ola (TX)-TADLOCK Marcus Marion (KS)MS Grahams: Christopher(b.1805 SC) - Venita L. Tadlock 4/07/00
Grahams- Scotland>NC>SC>MS - venita ezell tadlock 5/13/99

Different site:

CONNER, Jacob to TADLOCK, Betsey, 13 Sep 1806

 CARTER, Landon to GARRISON, Elizabeth, 10 Jun 1827

Nancy Louisa Turnbow

1825 - 13 FEB 1883




  Abbie ElizabethS,C,P,P born 13 Nov 1913
  Barry or Berry or BurnieC
  Billie MaxineC,P born 7 Oct 1921 died 9 Nov 2001
died 1954-1955
  Commodore PerryC
  Dade Lula "Dadie"C,C,P born 16 Aug 1879 died 20 Nov 1965
  Edward JacksonC
  Edward Jackson "Jack" Sr.C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born Cir 1821 died Jul 1859
  Edward Jackson Tadlock Jr.C born Dec 1859
  Green B.C
  Hardin StanleyC
  Jackson "Jack"C
  James CarterC
  James T.C
  James Thomas "Tom"C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 27 Aug 1883 died 17 Apr 1974

  John ChapmanC,P born Feb 1855
  John E.C
  Landon CarterC
  Majorie JoC,P,P,P
  Marth D.C
  Martha J.C born 1844 died Aug 1859
  Mary AnnC born Jan 1846 died 1932
  Nancy LouisaC,P,P born Abt 1857
  Opal LeeC,P,P born 1 Jun 1911
  Richard MarionS,C,C,P,P born Abt 1852 died Abt 1910
  Robert L.C
  Ruby GenevaC,C,P,P,P,P,P born 22 May 1903 died 5 Jun 1978
  Sarah ElizabethC born Sep 1850 died Apr 1923
  ThomasC,P born 1746 died 1792
  Thomas C.C,P born 1713 died 1784
  Thomas CarlC
  Thomas Jr.C,P born 1785 died 1850
  Tommie JaunetteC born 1 Oct 1916
  Unknown Tadlock (Sex Unknown)C
  Winnie CoraC born 23 Oct 1906

  JaneC,P born 26 Dec 1647

  Edward (Arrived James River in 1702)C,P born 1681 died 1760
  JohnP born 1560 died 1598
  RichardC,P born Bef 1580 died Abt 1640
  WilliamC,P born 1646 died Unknown
  WilliamC,P born 1615 died 1658

  BessieC born Mar 1888
  MaggieC born May 1890
  Martin LutherS,S,C,P,P born 29 Jun 1851 died 27 Jun 1940
  Minnie LouiseC,C,P,P,P,P,P born 12 Jan 1879 died 30 Jul 1922
  Ray W.C
  Turner Robert "Carey?"P,P born Abt 1815 died 10 Sep 1854
  Will Robert "Willie"C born 25 Mar 1889 died 8 Mar 1969

  Andrew JC
  Andrew JacksonP born 1839 died 1909
  Aurelius J.C
  ChristellC born 1911 died 25 Feb 1987
  Emma JeanC
died Nov 1961
  Emma LindaC
  Evan PearsonP,P born 1827 died 1882
  Florence VernelleC,C born 1917 died 3 Mar 1997
  Henry EdwardC
  HubbardC,C born 1900 died Aug 1959
  Lee AndrewS,C,C,P,P,P born 5 Dec 1866 died 21 Jun 1912
  LemuelC,C,P,P,P,P born 30 Oct 1874 died 19 Nove 1933
  Martin Van BurenP born 1840 died 1912
  Richard ColeC,P born 1897 died 29 Jun 1969
  Salley Lee CarverS,C,P,P,P born 30 Dec 1908 died Jul 1971
  Tenna MaeC
  William PearsonC,C born 22 Feb 1872 died 24 Nov 1938
  William T.C

  Carrie LouizaP born 1872 died 1948

  Harvey RayC,P,P
died 4 Sep 1991

  GraceC,C,P born 9 Mar 1831 died Aug 1905
  JohnC,P born 17 Jun 1776
  Joseph (Captain)C,P born 17 Sep 1662
  Richard (Deputy/Patentee Conn.)C,C,P born 1584 died 27 Apr 1669
  Robert (Gov. of Connecticut)C,P born Abt 1624 died 12 Jul 1710
  StephenC,C,P born 14 Apr 1811 died 27 Mar 1885
  StephenC,P born 26 May 1747
  StephenC,P born 18 Oct 1715

  JohnP born 1458
  RichardC,P born 1520
died 16 Feb 1599

  Albert HarrisonC,C,P,P born 13 Aug 1890 died 21 Dec 1973
  AlexanderC born Est 1811
  Alice IdaC born 3 Feb 1884
  AmanuelC born Est 1847
  Ammie or AnnieC born 23 Jun 1906 died 4 Sep 1912
  Annie LorettaC born 1907 died 1978
  Arthur RayC,P,P,P born 22 Apr 1914 died 18 Aug 1966
  Benjamin FranklinC,P,P,P,P,P born 12 Dec 1904 died 18 Jul 1970-1971
  Benjie NellC
  Bennie LouC
  Bessie GeneveC
  Betty LouC
  Billy LeonC
  Brent AlanC
  Caitlyn ElizabethC
  CarlC born 24 Nov 1905 died 27 Sep 1912
  Celia "Sealy"C,C,P,P born 1812
  Celia N.S,C,C,P,P born 16 Aug 1854 died 16 Mar 1939
  Charles Wesley "Charlie"S,C,C,P born 12 Aug 1880 died 14 Aug 1968
  Charles William (Cpl.)C born 18 Jan 1926 died 9 Nov 1959
  ClarenceC born 3 Jan 1898 died 1 Mar 1901
  Clifton LC born Est 1914
  Coby GarrettC
  Collie A.C,C,P born 7 Dec 1899 died 10 Dec 1959
  Dan MoodyC,P,P,P born 20 Aug 1924 died 22 Aug 2009
  Donald JoiceC,P
  Donald OdellC born 2 Dec 1904
  Dorothy LouiseC,P,P born 3 May 1929 died 20 Apr 2005
  Edna Earl "Mabel"C
  Emanuel EdwardC born 23 May 1877 died 23 Dec 1882
  Emanuel N. "Manuel"S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P born 1828 died 5 Jun 1871
  Emmett Arthur "Aught"C,P,P born 15 Nov 1881 died 26 Jul 1955
  Estelle D.S,C,C born 29 May 1903 died 4 Feb 2004
  Fillman?C born Est 1812-1819
  Flossie I.C born 26 Sep 1900 died 7 Dec 1988
  FloydC,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 22 Jun 1891 died 17 Mar 1987
  Floyd D.C
  FrancisC born 19 Jun 1917
  Frank Patman "Pat" (Sgt.)C born 27 Sep 1929 died 7 May 1955
  Gene Rayburn (Rev.)C born 14 Jan 1940 died 29 Aug 1959
  Gladys RuthC,P,P born 27 May 1919 died 26 Nov 1991
  Gussie TaylorC born 8 Sep 1894 died Aug 1971
  Haley BrookeC
  Henry DonaldC born 1875 died 1875
  Hester FrancesC,C,P,P born 7 Jan 1879 died 6 Feb 1959
  Ima JeanC
  Ina GayleC
  IraC born 25 Sep 1895 died Mar 1980
  IreneC,C,P,P,P born 30 Jun 1907
  JacksonC born Cal 1844
  James Arthur "Art" Jr.C,P
  James Arthur "Jimmie" Sr., Speaker of the House of Texas (Dr.)S,C,P
  James EdwinC born 20 Oct 1917
  James EurieS,C,C born 22 Aug 1891 died 22 Feb 1960
  James NealS,S,S,C,P,P born 15 Aug 1936 died 23 Feb 2011
  James WesleyC,C,P,P born 16 Feb 1906 died 26 Oct 1986
  Jennifer LeighS,S,C
  Joe CecilC born 11 Aug 1912 died 20 Jul 1979
  Joe GarnerC
  Joel BirlC,C,P,P,P,P,P born 15 May 1870 died 26 Nov 1941
  Joel L.C born 1841-1842
  JohnC born Est 1858
  John A.C born 1858
  John AubreyC born 2 Nov 1909
  John BaileyS,S,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 22 May 1839 died 27 Mar 1891
  John Birl "Irl"C born 21 Sep 1906 died 20 Sep 1921
  John William "Willie"S,C,C,C,P,P,P,P,P born 11 Jan 1868 died 8 Feb 1959
  Katherine DC born Est 1918
  Kathy ElaineS,C
  Keith Windell "Pete"S,S,S,C,P
  Kelsie ChristineC
  Kenneth RayC,C,P,P,P born 3 Nov 1930 died 7 Jan 1988
  Kenny LynnS,C,P,P,P
  Laticia or LuticuaC born Est 1855
  LavenaC born 3 Feb 1883
  Lena MaeC,P born 18 Nov 1892 died 17 Apr 1925
  LucindaC born 1843
  Lucinda J.C born Cal 1845
  M. Gideon "Gedden"C,P,P,P born Cal 1822 died 7 Sep 1861
  Manuel G. "Doc"C born Est 1858 died 1928
  Martha E.S,S,C,C,P,P,P,P born Abt 1861 died 1939
  Martha ElizabethC born 1885
  MaryC born Abt 1862
  Mary AnnC born Cal 1848
  Mary ElizaC born 3 or 6 Apr 1886 died 12 Feb 1970
  Mary K.C born Est 1918
  MelvinaC born Est 1855
  MinervaC born Cal 1842
  Minervia CatherineC born 31 Jul 1874 died 24 Nov 1874
  Minnie BelleS,C born 22 Jan 1888 died Jul 1968
  Mittie LucilleC born 6 Mar 1898
  Nancy A.C born Est 1850
  Nancy JC born 10 Dec 1847
  Nicholas "Nick"C born 7 Sep 1940 died 12 Feb 1999
  OtisC,C born 20 Apr 1890 died 16 Jan 1919
  Pansy Dean "Dean"C,P born 13 Feb 1914 died 24 Feb 2004
  Paul Manuel Sr.C born 29 Jul 1915
  Ray LouieS,C,P
  Reagan Garth "Buddy" Sr.S,C born 12 Apr 1933 died 1 Apr 2007
  Reagan Garth Jr.C born 17 Jan 1958 died 28 Sep 1983
  Reba DorisC
  RhodaC,P born 1815
  RhondaC,P,P born 10 Oct 1944 died 25 Mar 2004
  Rickey L.C,P
  RileyC born calc. 1847
  Robert ChesterC born 7 Nov 1914
  RobertaC born Est 1919
  Rosa Ann?S,C,C,P,P born Abt 1872 died 30 Sep 1934
  Roy AltonC,C,P,P,P,P,P,P born 15 Dec 1903 died 10 Jun 1991
  Ryan LeeC
  Sarah OliverC born 13 Feb 1881 died 29 Dec 1957
  Stephen WayneS,C
  Sybil BerniceS,C
  Tab LewisC
  TemperanceC born Est 1848
  ThelmaC born 6 Mar 1898 died 9 Feb 1899
  TheresaC born 2 Apr 19121 died 19 Mar 1916
  Theresa ?C born 1908
  Troy McdanielC born 22 Jan 1917
  Una Loran or LorineS,C born 3 Sep 1909 died 11 Apr 1939
  UnknownC born Est 1831-1836
  UnknownC born Est 1836-1840
  UnknownC born Est 1836-1840
  VelmaC born Est 1915
  Walter CleburneC,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 23 Feb 1886 died 27 Nov 1971
  WilliamC,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born Abt 1788 died Bef 14 Oct 1850 (1829?)
  William (John William?)S,S,C,P,P,P,P born Jan 1819 died Est 1902
  William H.C born Est 1845
  William Leonidas Mayo "Mayo"S,C,C,P,P,P born 1919 died 24 Nov 1988
  William MC,C,P,P,P,P born 1844-1846 died 1892
  William Manual Sr.S,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 30 Aug 1868 died 23 Jan 1924
  William Manuel Jr.C,P,P,P born 5 Apr 1900 died 1934